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Wet Beaver Wilderness

Colorful canyon walls hug the cold turquoise creek as it meanders through the Wet Beaver Wilderness. This small canyon offers a great little outdoor adventure for those who are looking for a short scenic hike to refreshing waters.

What can I do/see in the Wet Beaver Wilderness?

Just a short drive from Sedona, Wet Beaver Creek makes for a great daytrip to explore, hike, and swim in the in the scenic canyon wilderness.

Take Bell Trail to the lower Beaver Creek where you can take a dip in refreshing coldwater pools shaded by a vivid green web of sycamore, alder, and cottonwood trees.

Continue on Bell Trail as it climbs up the canyon, where you will encounter breathtaking views of the Arizona skyline and the creek down below. Eventually the trail will lead to a pristine little spot locals refer to as “the crack”. Colorful canyon walls create plenty of flat ledges from which you can jump into the blue green swimming hole below.

This quaint canyon wilderness is home to a range of quirky wildlife. Colorful reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects inhabit the riparian habitat near the creek while elk, black bears, mountain lion, bobcats, skunk, coyote, and javelina roam above in the canyon.

Where is Wet Beaver Wilderness?

From Sedona, drive south on Hwy 179 to I-17. Continue straight under the I-17 onto FR 618, drive until you see the sign for Beaver Creek Ranger Station and trailheads. Turn left to reach the Bell Trailhead parking.

When is Wet Beaver Wilderness open?

Trails are open year-round.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Red Rock Ranger District (928) 282-4119

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