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Institute of Ecotourism

The Institute Of Eco-tourism is located near the famous Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village at Sedona in Arizona. Since its inception the institute's endeavors is solely directed towards promoting ecotourism by imparting valuable information on the region's flora and fauna and the local cultural heritage. This is an effort at promoting the green movement.

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The concept of ecotourism developed when travelers wanted to indulge in environment-sensitive travel. They wanted to experience a natural ambience, and be a part of the history and culture of the places they visit. The Institute of Ecotourism at Sedona erudite travelers about the local culture, environment and history.

The efforts of the institute are directed towards preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem by making people aware of the diverse life forms in the area. Through ecotourism, travelers learn about the indigenous communities and ways to prevent environmental degeneration as a result of increasing tourism. It teaches tourist's ways to conserve water, recycling and human waste management, and promotes sustainable greenery and development.

The institute conserves the history and culture of the Colorado Basin through different projects. It provides tourists who are interested in eco tourism with resources, which are generally not available elsewhere. Educational programs are conducted for people of all age groups. Various institutes and individuals in the area have also come together to promote ecotourism and information sharing for the benefit of all.

The Institute of Eco-tourism participates in events that enhances awareness of the natural environments and suggests ways by which the environment can be preserved for future generations. There is an interactive exhibit on natural history and aboriginal culture, a native plant show, an organic greenhouse and a series of learning stations.