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Sedona Vortexes

The term vortex, as it is used in Sedona, refers to an area of highly concentrated energy. Many people believe this energy is sacred and that these sites hold powerful spiritual significance. People often go to these sites to gain insight, vision, wisdom, support, to connect, meditate, pray…to be present.

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Where can I find/enjoy nearby Sedona Vortexes?

Sedona, as a whole, is known to be an intense spiritual vortex, but there are a number of specific sites that have been identified as vortex sites. In these locations, one is more prone to have a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

There are also different types of vortexes: Upflow or Inflow. 

  • Upflow Vortexes, such as those surrounding mountain and mesas, allow one to gain a more universal perspective. They often leave individuals feeling positive, uplifted, energized, and rejuvenated. 
  • Inflow Vortexes, such as those of canyons, valleys, and caves are good for introspection, finding inner guidance, healing, and bringing positive self change.

Airport Mesa: Upflow Vortex
Along Airport Drive. There is a point about halfway up the road where you can stop and climb up a short path to sit atop a red rock hill and enjoy 360-degree views of Sedona. The road continues to Airport Mesa, where you will also find beautiful unobstructed views.

Bell Rock: Upflow Vortex
Just east of Hwy 179, between Village of Oak Creek and Sedona. This is one of the more popular vortex sites in Sedona. Walk the pathway around the base of Bell rock, or climb to the apex to lift your spirits.

Boynton Canyon: Inflow Vortex
Located in the Western Canyon area of Sedona, take Hwy 89 to Dry Creek Rd, turn right and follow the signs for Boynton Canyon Trailhead. Follow this beautiful outer pathway and perhaps experience an inner journey.

Cathedral Rock/Red Rock Crossing: Inflow Vortex
Whether you are open to the idea of vortexes or not, Cathedral Rock is a very powerful site indeed. Explore Lower Oak Creek via Red Rock crossing, or climb to the Cathedral saddle for magical views of Sedona. You can access Cathedral Rock via the trailhead at Back O’Beyond Road; Crescent Moon Picnic Area via Red Rock Loop Rd; or the trailhead at the end of Verde Valley School Rd.

*Listed above are four of Sedona’s main Vortex Sites, but there are many more. Some other vortexes include Chapel of the Holy Cross, West Fork, Schnebly Hill, and Courthouse Butte.

Enjoy your heightened energy experiences!