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A nice long soak in one of Earth’s natural hot tubs is always a plus to any adventure vacation. Though there are no natural Sedona hot springs, you can take a journey to the Verde Valley Hot Springs, which are only about an hour and a half away. Read More

Where can I find/enjoy nearby hot springs?

Verde Hot Springs
Just a daytrip away from Sedona, you will find the Verde Hot Springs. The 100 degree natural spring comes up through the remains of abandoned hotel that burned down in the 60’s. Getting to the hot springs takes some planning and effort, so make sure you are prepared to venture down an unpaved road and a bit of a hike along the creek, where you will cross once. 

  • Location: From Sedona, take Hwy 179 south to I-17. Turn right onto I-17 south. Take exit 285 for General Cook Trail, drive East for 3 miles and turn right on Hwy 260. Drive about 8 miles on Hwy 260 and turn right at Forest Service Road 708 (there will be a sign for Fossil Creek & Verde River). The remaining portion of the road is unpaved and rocky; it helps to have a high clearance vehicle, but you can make it without. Drive for 19 miles and turn at Forest Service Road 502. Drive past Child’s Power Plant until you reach a designated campground where you can park. From the campground, hike upstream for just under a mile. Keep an eye out for small group of palm trees on the other side of the creek; this is where you need to cross. You will find the abandoned hotel and the hot springs just behind the palm trees on the other side of the creek. 
  • Season/Hours: Always open, though it’s probably best to make the journey in daylight. 
  • Cost: Free. 
  • Services: Parking and camping 1 mile from hot springs.