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Red Rock Loop

Enjoy a fun drive through hills and scenic views of Sedona’s red rocks. Red Rock Loop also provides access to popular sites such as Crescent Moon Picnic Area and Red Rock State Park. Read More

  • The drive offers views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock. 
  • Make your way down to Crescent Moon Picnic Area for a swim in Oak Creek. 
  • Stop by Red Rock State Park to enjoy a hike and check out their education center.

Why should I drive Red Rock Loop?

The drive is short and has many scenic vistas along the way to get out and take photographs.

Where does Red Rock Loop begin and end?

Drive west on Hwy 89a and turn right on Upper Red Rock Loop Road. The road continues to Lower Red Rock Loop and connects back to Hwy 89a.

How long does Red Rock Loop take to drive?

The drive takes about an hour and varies depending on how many stops you take.

What will I see along the way? 

  • Red Rock Loop Rd provides views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock. 
  • You may access Crescent Moon Picnic Area along the drive. 
  • Red Rock State Park is also located along the drive, with many hiking trails, and an environmental education center.