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Boynton Pass

The unsurpassed beauty of Sedona’s western canyon area will leave you awestruck. Pass by colorful canyons, red rock pinnacles, and high mountains on this enjoyable drive through Sedona’s backcountry.

  • Close to town, this beautiful scenic loop drive takes you through Sedona’s western canyon area. 
  • Pass by Chimney Rock, Thunder Mountain, Lizard Head, Devil’s Bridge, Boynton Canyon, Fay Canyon, and more. 
  • There are a number of scenic trails to stop and explore along the way.

Why should I drive the Boynton Pass Scenic Drive?

The drive is close to town and will take you on a scenic loop through some of Sedona’s most epic landscapes. With numerous side roads and trailheads along the way you could easily spend hours exploring this beautiful area.

Where does the Boynton Pass Scenic Drive begin and end?

Drive west on Hwy 89a and turn right onto Dry Creek Road. Continue for a few miles to the stop sign and turn left onto Boynton Pass Rd. At the next junction you will turn left to continue on Boynton Pass Rd. Turn left onto FR 525, which turns into Red Canyon Rd and connects to Hwy 89a, completing the loop.

How long does the Boynton Pass Scenic Drive take to drive?

The drive takes a couple hours, and varies if you stop to marvel at the beautiful scenery.

What will I see along the way? 

  • Along Dry Creek Road you will pass Chimney Rock, Thunder Mountain, Lizard Head and Devil’s Bridge. 
  • Once on Boynton Pass Rd you will drive by Boynton Canyon, Fay Canyon, Doe Mountain, and Bear Mountain. 
  • There are many trails along the way that provide a deeper exploration of the above sites.