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Airport Mesa site is high above Sedona in the heart of Red Rock Country. Here, just a short drive from Uptown, you are rewarded with excellent views of the Sedona landscape.

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  • Short easy drive to beautiful unobstructed views of Sedona. 
  • Amazing spot to watch sunset. 
  • Stop and take a small hike to one of Sedona’s vortex spots. 
  • Views of Thunder Mountain, Chimney Rock, Coffeepot Rock, and more.

Why should I drive the Airport Mesa Scenic Drive?

Airport Mesa is a short and easy drive that leads to 360 degree views of Sedona. It is a great place to watch sunset and it takes very little effort to get there.

Where does Airport Mesa Scenic Drive begin and end?

Drive west on Hwy 89a to turn right onto Airport Drive, where the scenic route begins. Take the paved road a short distance up the hill to the mesa, where you will have a chance to get out of the car, enjoy the views, and take some pictures.

How long does the Airport Mesa Scenic Drive take to drive?

The drive up the hill takes about 5 minutes.

What will I see along the way?

  • About halfway up the hill you will see trailhead parking and a small trail that leads to one of Sedona’s vortex spots. 
  • At the top of the mesa you will see the Sedona Airport. 
  • From the Airport Mesa Vista you will have unobstructed views of Thunder Mountain, Chimney Rock, Ship Rock, Coffeepot Rock, and many other famous red rock formations.

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