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Wilson Mountain

Wilson Mountain and Wilson Canyon are named after Richard Wilson who had an unfortunate meeting with a grizzly in 1885 in the canyon. Wilson Mountain is the highest mountain in Sedona, and provides excellent panoramic views.

  • Wilson Mountain is the tallest mountain in Sedona. 
  • There are two trails that provide access to the top. 
  • The hike is strenuous but well worth it for the best views in Sedona.

What can I do and see at Wilson Mountain?

Views of Wilson Mountain:
Wilson Mountain can be seen along Hwy 89a, as you drive from uptown through Oak Creek Canyon. Midgely Bridge on Hwy 89a provides a good vista.

Trails near Wilson Mountain: 

  • Wilson Mountain Trail: A steep climb all around amazing views. About a 5.6 mile hike up, it’s recommended to start the trail in the morning to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy.
  • North Wilson Trail: Another option to reach the summit of Wilson Mountain is North Wilson Trail, which connects to the lower Wilson Trail at the midway point.


  • Hiking 
  • Horseback Riding 
  • Wildlife Watching 
  • Dog Friendly

Where is Wilson Mountain?

Wilson Mountain Trailhead: From uptown drive north on Hwy 89a for about 2 miles, the trailhead is just north of Midgely Bridge on the left.

North Wilson Trailhead: From uptown drive north on Hwy 89a for about 3 miles, the trailhead is just North of Encinoso Picnic Area on the left.

When is Wilson Mountain open?

The trails are open year round.

How much does Wilson Mountain cost?

To park at one of the trailheads, you will need a Red Rock Pass. Passes can be purchased at the Red Rock Ranger District, from vendors in town, or from one of the trailheads that has a self-serve machine.

  • Day pass- $5
  • Week pass- $15
  • Year pass- $20

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Red Rock Ranger District (928) 282-4119