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Bell Rock

Bell Rock is one of the first identifiable red rock formations you see when entering Sedona from Hwy 179. It is quite clear how it received its name; it looks like a giant red bell melting into the landscape. There are a few trails that go around and near the base of Bell Rock as well as one that leads you onto the rock itself. It is a popular first stop for visitors upon arrival so the trails are often busy.

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  • One of the first magnificent red rock formations at you enter Sedona! 
  • Bring your camera and take advantage of the multiple photo opportunities. 
  • Walk, hike, or bike on one of the trails surrounding Bell Rock. 
  • Bell rock is one of the more prominent vortex sites in Sedona.

What can I do/see at Bell Rock?

Views of Bell Rock:
Bell Rock is visible from Hwy 179 and there are numerous pull offs and vistas that offer good photo opportunities. It is also visible from many of the trails to other rock formations around Sedona.

Trails near Bell Rock: 

  • Bell Rock Pathway
    A relatively flat wide trail linking Village of Oak Creek with Sedona. The trail provides excellent views of Bell Rock as it travels along the base of the formation on the south side. It connects with other trails such as Courthouse Butte Loop and Bell Rock Trail and provides views of other well-known formations such as Courthouse Butte, Rabbit Ears, and Spaceship Rock. 
  • Bell Rock Trail
    Connected to Bell Rock Pathway, this trail ascends the north face of Bell Rock.
    The hike starts out moderate at the base and rises in difficulty as is climbs up the
  • Courthouse Butte Loop
    A mild-moderate hike, this trail loops around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte and gives you excellent views of many other rock formations in the area.


  • Hiking
    The trails around Bell Rock are short in distance and provide moderate hiking for visitors who want to take their time and enjoy the excellent views. For those who want a more strenuous hike, try Bell Rock Trail which takes you up the face of the rock. 
  • Biking
    Bell Rock Pathway and Courthouse Butte Loops are open to mountain bikers and are good warm up trails that connect to many other strenuous biking trails. Because the main trails around Bell Rock are usually crowded, bikers must always be aware of pedestrians and watch their speed. 
  • Dog-Friendly
    The above-mentioned trails are dog-friendly as long as they are on a leash and picked up after. 
  • Vortex
    Bell Rock is said to be one of the larger vortex sites in Sedona. Vortexes are said to be sites with heavy concentrations of energy spiraling upward from the Earth. Many people believe that vortex sites have physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. If you are open to the idea, go and feel it out for yourself.

Where is Bell Rock?

From Village of Oak Creek, drive north on Hwy 179, Bell Rock will be on the right (you can’t miss it!), turn right at Bell Rock Boulevard to access the trailhead.

When is Bell Rock open?

The trails around Bell Rock are open to visitors year-round, unless circumstantial closures are made known.

How much does Bell Rock Cost?

A Red Rock pass is required for all visitors who intend to park a vehicle at the trailhead and hike or bike on the trails. You do not need a pass if you are just making a quick stop (less than 15 minutes) to check out the view and take a few photos.

  • Day pass- $5
  • Week pass- $15
  • Year pass- $20

Passes can be purchased at the Red Rock Ranger District, just before you enter Sedona coming from the I-17. The office is south of Village of Oak Creek on Hwy 179, on the right. There are also numerous commercial vendors around Sedona that sell passes, as well as self-serve machine located at the Bell Rock Pathway Trailhead. No purchase necessary if you have a National Parks pass, but you must have this on display in your vehicle.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Red Rock Ranger District- (928) 282-4119