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V Bar V Ranch Petroglyphs / Rock Art

V Bar V Ranch is the largest known petroglyph/rock art site in the Verde Valley. Research of the petroglyphs at this ancient site has brought about the definition of the “Beaver Creek Rock Art Style” and serves to teach visitors about the cultural heritage of the Sinagua Indians as well as other inhabitants of the area.

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  • The largest petroglyph/rock art site in the Verde Valley. 
  • Discover many diverse styles of rock art at V Bar V. 
  • Learn about the Sinagua Indians through the visual messages they left behind.

What can I do and see at V Bar V Ranch?

Guided tours are available on site if you are interested in gaining more insight into the discovery and meaning of the petroglyphs at V Bar V.

You may also choose to explore the rock art site yourself, and look to the ancient energy to guide and teach you. There is a path that takes you from the parking lot to the petroglyphs, where you can marvel in numerous styles of rock art.

There is also a visitor center and bookstore near the parking lot where you can inquire and explore more information about the Sinagua Indians and this famous rock art site.

Where is V Bar V Ranch?

From Sedona, drive southeast on Hwy 179 to junction I-17. Continue under the I-17 and drive east for 2.8 miles, the entrance will be on your right.

When is V Bar V Ranch open?

Open Friday-Monday 9:30am-3pm.
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How much does V Bar V Ranch cost?

You must acquire a Red Rock Pass in order to visit the site. Day passes can be purchased for $5 on site at V Bar V Ranch during normal business hours (9:30am-3pm).

Who can I call if I have more questions?

(928) 282-3854