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Honanki Ruins Cultural Site

The Honanki Ruins and its sister site Palakti are some of the best-persevered Sinagua Indian ruins in Sedona. The ancient cliff dwellings and rock art at Honanki provide evidence of how the Sinagua lived in this sacred site they called home.

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  • Honanki is home to some of the best-persevered ruins in Sedona. 
  • Explore the ancient cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians. 
  • Marvel at the detailed rock art on the cliff walls. 
  • Get a feel for how this mysterious culture lived in this beautiful sacred space.

What can I do and see at Honanki Ruins Cultural Site?

The Sinagua Indians were ancestors of the Hopi. They are believed to have occupied the Honanki site from 1130 AD to 1280 AD. Nobody knows what happened to this ancient culture, or why they disappeared, but the evidence found at Honanki suggests how they lived.

At the site you are able take a trail along the cliff where you will be able to get close to the cliff dwellings, see the individual rooms, and the intricate rock art on the walls.

Caution: Out of respect for the ancient site and in an effort to keep it well persevered, the caretakers ask that you don’t climb on the ruins or touch the rock art. You should also be aware of rattlesnakes that like to hang out in the ruins; some believe them to be protectors of the ancient spirits.

Where is Honanki Ruins Cultural Site?

Take Hwy 89a west past West Sedona. Just after mile marker 365, turn right on Forest Road 525. Drive for 9.5 miles past the Loy Canyon Trailhead, and turn left onto the private property where you can park, purchase Red Rock Passes, and begin on the footpath to the ruins.

When is Honanki Ruins Cultural Site open?

Open daily from 10am-6pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How much does Honanki Ruins Cultural Site cost?

You will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass to visit the cultural site. A pass can be purchased at the Honanki site during normal business hours (10am-6pm).

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Call Red Rock Ranger District (928) 282-4119 or Palatki (928) 282-3854 before you go.