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Founded in 1865, Camp Verde is the oldest settlement in the Verde Valley. Camp Verde’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful lush landscape make it a wonderful destination for all sorts of adventures and activities.

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Why should I visit Camp Verde?

Camp Verde has a wide spectrum of activities to entertain the entire family. With many outdoor adventures, historical sites, a casino, and a wildlife park, Camp Verde is a must see town on your Northern Arizona vacation.

Where is Camp Verde?

From Sedona, drive south on Hwy 179 to I-17. Turn right to merge onto I-17 south toward Phoenix. Take exit 287, turn left at AZ-260/Finnie Flat Rd, turn left onto General Crook Trail and continue onto Main St into Camp Verde.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Camp Verde offer?

Whether you are looking to stay in a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, RV park, or if you prefer to camp, Camp Verde has a number of comfortable and affordable options for you to choose from.

What can I do or see in Camp Verde? 

  • Outdoor Activities: With mountains, canyons, creeks, and lush forest, Camp Verde is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor activities include hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing, and off roading.
  • Montezuma Castle: Said to be some of the best-persevered Sinagua Indian cliff dwellings, Montezuma Castle is a breathtaking look back into the ancient history of the Verde Valley. 
  • Cliff Castle Casino-Hotel: Choose to stay a few nights at the local hotel and casino or just enjoy a night out and discover a plethora of games and live entertainment. 
  • Fort Verde State Park: If you are interested in learning more about Arizona’s history, be sure to check out Fort Verde, the original base for General Crook’s U.S. Army. 
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park: Admire and interact with over 400 hundred different animals and go on a safari adventure at this unique wildlife park in Camp Verde.

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Camp Verde, Arizona

Camp Verde, Arizona is a small town known for its open spaces and strong sense of community.