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Boynton Canyon

As you walk through the glowing groves of ponderosa pine, surrounded by towering crimson rock walls, it’s easy to understand why Boynton Canyon was a sacred space for the ancient inhabitants of the area.

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  • A scenic adventure into one of Sedona’s epic box canyons 
  • Enjoy lush forest, and beautiful red rock scenery 
  • Boynton is an ancient sacred space, which is apparent upon arrival

What can I do/see at Boynton Canyon? 

Boynton Canyon Trail:
Boynton Canyon Trail provides a wonderful chance to experience all that Boynton Canyon has to offer. The first part of the trail takes you on an uncovered Manzanita lined path as you pass the Enchantment Resort. You then transition onto a shaded forest path, with lush vegetations and many colorful creatures. The main trail travels about 3 miles into the box canyon, with many opportunities to explore side trails, and eventually crosses into the Secret Canyon Wilderness. 

Boynton Canyon Ruins:
There are many Indian ruins in Boynton Canyon. They are unmarked but you should be able to find them high in the canyon walls if you are on the look out. Visiting any ruins in the area must be done with care and respect. It is recommended hikers seek advice from a local ranger station.

Keep your eyes open! There are a few ruins up in the canyon to the right of the trail just as you pass from the Manzanita pathway to the lush ponderosa forest. 


  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Photography
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Vortex site
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Dog Friendly

Where is Boynton Canyon?

From uptown, intersection Hwy 179/Hwy 89a, head west on Hwy 89a. Turn right on Dry Creek Road, turn left on Boynton Pass Road, right on Boynton Canyon Road, trailhead parking will be on the right.

When is Boynton Canyon open?

The trail is open year-round.

How much does Boynton Canyon cost?

In order to park at the trailhead you will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass. Passes may be acquired at the Red Rock Ranger District on the way into town, in town, or at the self-serve machine at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead.

  • Day Pass: $5
  • Week Pass: $15
  • Year Pass: $20

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Red Rock Ranger District (928) 282-4119